Plant A Food Plot
Deer Will Come

Would you like to plant a food plot to attract whitetail deer and provide a year-round nutritional boost?

Whitetail deer follow their stomachs and some nutritious clover can help keep them on your property. Deer will stay where they have ample food, water and cover. Planting a food plot can help you attain these goals.

A field planted with healthy Imperial Whitetail Clover can provide up to 35 percent protein. In comparison corn provides 8 percent protein and is only available during certain periods of the year.

It is important to provide nutritious forage for your deer during the entire year. In the spring the bucks are just starting to develop their antlers and the does need the nutrition through pregnancy up to the fawning period.

It is during the summer that the bucks grow antlers and need good quality nutrition. They are also adding body weight during this time. The does are adding body weight and providing milk for the young fawns while they are growing.

In the fall the bucks have finished antler development and are now packing on the pounds to survive the rut and the winter to follow, does are putting on body weight to survive the winter while the fawns are gaining weight going into their first winter.

Finally in the winter the bucks need nutritious forage to replenish their bodies from the rut activity, the does are now pregnant and need good nourishment and the fawns need nutrients to get them into the spring.

It is easy to see that year-round high quality nutrition is vital for a deer herd. The antlers on a buck are determined by the nutritional quality of the food that he eats throughout the entire year. A well maintained food plot can be a large factor in providing the nutrition for your deer herd.

You will also see other wildlife species in your food plots. Along with the deer we have seen turkeys, rabbits, groundhogs and various birds.

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ten point buck


This 10 point buck was shot below the middle clearing food plot.

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