Fox Pictures

We do not get many fox pictures but over the past weeks we have captured a few so we decided to go ahead and make this fox pictures page to show you what we have seen.

I have no idea how many pictures we will get in the coming weeks. If the rate is anything like what we have captured in the past then this page will grow slowly, but we'll keep looking.

It looks like it's been about two years since our last fox picture. We caught this October 2012 fox walking past one of our feeders.

Fox picture

It has been about 13 months since our last fox picture. Who knows why it took so long. This one is cruising past our apple trees.

Fox picture from 2010

It had been nine months since our last fox picture. We caught this one walking through a food plot where we get a lot of coyote pictures.

Red Fox Picture

This is our first fox picture of 2009. We caught this one walking through our hayfield food plot.

January fox picture

Here is another picture of a gray fox in one of our food plots. Maybe I can get a look at this fox during deer season.

Trail Stalker fox picture

These two pictures were taken behind my home. I saw a fox last year while bowhunting near this location. Notice in the second picture that the fox is carrying something in its mouth.

red fox

Fox picture

This is a gray fox travelling through one of our food plots. I can't recall ever seeing a gray fox in the past. It seems that all of the foxes I have seen are red foxes.

October Fox picture

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