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Web Site Building For Dummies

People have asked me how I was able to build a web site. After all, most know that I am not a web site designer or computer expert.

The answer is simple. Site Build It!

I was searching for a way to make a little extra money in my spare time. I had heard and read stories about people making money on eBay and thought that surely I could somehow find something on the internet that would be interesting and possibly earn a little extra income. Going to flea markets on weekends to find merchandise to sell just wasn't my thing. If I was going to do something on the side I wanted to find something that I would enjoy. After a few days of searching the internet I found Site Build It!

My internet investigating first took me to affiliate information and some made it sound too good to be true. I have found that when it sounds too good to be true that there is usually a lot more to it. If it states that you could easily start something and be making six figures the next month then I smell a scam. I then started looking into drop shipping goods, since I thought that this sounded interesting. In searching out these ideas I ran into the associate programs site. This site introduced me to Site Build It! and also had a lot of good information.

The next question was; is Site Build It! a scam? To try to protect myself I e-mailed a well respected career counselor who replied that he recommended Site Build It!. In addition to this I did searches using the name of Site Build It! owner Ken Evoy MD. I thought that if it was a scam then I could surely find some dirt somewhere but I found none. I also e-mailed a question to them about the required operating system and received a quick response.

Since I couldn't find a reason not to, I purchased Site Build It!.

Site Build It! definitely is not a get rich quick scheme. The site that I have built has taken a lot of time but since it is about a subject that I really enjoy I do not mind doing the work. If I had done the site about something that I had no interest in, I would have been miserable. You do not have to be a computer genius, just willing to do the work.

If you are interested in building a web site on something that interests you get acquainted with Site Build It!.

Go to these case studies to learn what others have done with Site Build It or you can also take a quicktour where you can learn more.

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