2022 Coyote Pictures

We got a total of thirty six coyote pictures in 2022 and have selected seven for this page.  There is no doubt that our coyote population is still thriving although local hunters have tried to reduce their numbers.  It's common to hear them in the evenings and I even heard them once in the middle of the day.  I also saw one in the field late in the year in our field.  We had patches of sorghum left in the field and I think it made both deer and coyotes feel comfortable moving around in the daylight.  Here are our seven pictures, we think we got some good ones.

2022 Coyote 152
2022 Coyote 153
2022 Coyote 163
2022 Coyote 164
2022 Coyote 7484
2022 Coyote 84
2022 Coyote 89
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