2023 Fall Bucks

After seeing the bucks that survived the 2022 season, we were excited to see how much bigger they would be in 2023.  To be honest we were a little disappointed, maybe as Grant Woods would say, our groceries weren't good enough.  Regardless, here they are.

Fall 2023 big eight point

One of our nicer bucks.  He was a regular, but didn't overwork our cameras.

Fall 2023 big ten point

This buck was a regular last year, but we got very few pictures of him this year. Ironically, this picture was taken the second day of rifle season.

Fall 2023 crab claw eight

This buck disappointed us, we expected him to be a lot bigger.

Fall 2023 eight point buck

A promising young eight point.

Fall 2023 seven point buck

We had hoped for a lot more growth in this buck too.

Fall 2023 small eight point

A smaller eight point that we got a few pictures of.

Fall 2023 small ten point

A young ten point that shows a lot of promise.

Fall 2023 tall eight point

We really liked the tine length on this eight point.

Fall 2023 ten point buck

This buck walked in front of Tim on the first day of rifle season and is now hanging on the wall! He was a nice deer.

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