2023 Survivor Bucks

We had five bucks that are six points or better after the end of the 2023 deer season.  This is a little lower than we had hoped to see, but we still have three bucks that show promise if they can grow bigger antlers next year.

2023 big 8 point buck

This buck could be a real dandy if he adds antler size next year.

2023 big eight point

We think this buck was a bully.  We captured one photo of him with blood on his antler and a few pictures later saw a photo of a button buck with blood behind his front leg.  The ten point that Tim shot also had infected puncture wounds.

2023 eight point buck

A young eight point with nice height.

2023 six point buck

A home body six point buck.

2023 ten point buck

This ten point looks young, so we think he has a lot of potential.

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