January 23, 2015 Whitetail Photographs

Last week we saw that the bucks had started shedding their antlers and now, only on a week later, we are seeing that most bucks have lost their antlers. The only buck that still had both antlers on the 23rd is the big eight point. A look at last years pictures shows that this buck was the last to shed last year too. Could it be a genetic thing?

The wide ten point had both antlers at the start of the week, lost one side early in the week and had lost the other side by the end of the week. We also had a four point that shed both antlers over this week as well. We found the side he shed last near one of our feeders. We didn't bother measuring this one!

A couple inches of snow over Friday night hurt out antler hunting efforts. We'll have to wait until it melts on a later trip to see if we can find more of their shed antlers.

Once again this week we didn't get any bobcat, coyote or black bear pictures. We need to start watching the hayfield crossing again.

The four point early in the week before he shed.

The same four point with only one side left. This is the side we found near another feeder.

Here is the big ten point early in the week.

The same buck later in the week. An interesting picture in the early morning sun.

A fourth buck we saw this week, a small spike with one side left.

The big eight point still had both antlers on the 23rd.

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